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I'm Subhas Desai, an English coach & entrepreneur. Teaching Business English is my passion. I worked as a journalist for over a decade and then changed my allegiance to corporate as a marketing expert.
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You'll be part of monthly mission-based hackathons to speed up execution and efficiency. Hackathons give you a totally new and different experience.
Learning At Your Pace
All the LIVE sessions are recorded and members get full access to the lessons. Learning at your pace makes for better learning experience. 
30-60-90 Day Challenge
The beauty of the 30 day challenge lies in the fact that you can master the fundamentals, and the 60-90 day challenge will help you monitize you've learnt by way of blogs and marketing copy.
Weekly Masterminds
Weekly masterminds focus on establishing a success gameplan and answering question & answers LIVE. Weekly Masterminds bring fresh perspectives and inspire new ideas.
Success Gameplan
Our tactics with actionable steps help you  become a master in Business English. From 'Reading Like A Writer' to 'Writing Like a Journalist', you will be on a growth path.

Your Path To Business English Mastery

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We live in a knowledge economy and a fast-paced world. For fast-track results, you need to the exact steps that will help you gain mastery and command over English.  
 Essential Business English
 Advanced Business English Challenge
 Corporate Leadership Intensive 
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Learn Grammar With Tree Structure
The way adults learn is very different from how kids learn grammar. Adults learn grammar effectively through phrases and clauses. 
 Using phrases in everyday's communication
 Punctuations made easy with simple rules
 Writing emails, blogs and marketing copy
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How To Read Like A Writer
The first step to mastering English is to observe the choice of words, learn syntaxes and most importantly 'read' like a writer. 
Context with vocabulary building exercises
Learning syntaxes with tree structure
Reading slow and fast
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How To Write Like A Journalist
Anybody can write, but only a few are good. And those who are good make a ton of money and often success beckons them. Successful copywriters put into use the following for effective storytelling.
Inverted Pyramid Style
Aristotle's 3 modes of persuasion
How to write blogs, marketing copy and sales pitches
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How To Present Like A Pro
There's a big difference between communication skills vs presentation skills. While communication skills focus on building interpersonal relationships, presentation skills make adept in persuasion and storytelling. 
Mindset: How to overcome the fear of public speaking
Tools: What tools make you a professional presenter
Articulation: How to own your voice - pitch, tone, pause and emphasis

Best Selling Author

  • Day 1 - What They Don’t Teach You in Indian Schools
  • Day 2 - The Best Kept Secret of English Grammar: the ‘Do-Forms’
  • Day 3 - The Grand Wedding Between Verb and Subject
  • Day 4 - The Expansion Principle You Never Learnt in School
  • Day 5 - The Sign posts Called Prepositions
  • Day 6 - The Various Avatars of a Subject
  • Day 7- Be in the Present
  • Day 8 - Beware of the Passive Voice in Present Tense
  • Day 9 - Since vs For
  • Day 10 - Construction Mistakes

"This Book Changed My Life In 
A Few Hours - Effortlessly!"

See What Others Are Saying About The Brand New Book
I like the way it is written. I have read several books, but seldom come across the one that is presented in such a lucid fashion. If you read this book, one thing I can guarantee is that you will never make basic mistakes either in writing or speaking. Well done, Subhash sir.

Shashank Rathore

MBA student from Amity
I have read so many books on English grammar, but this is very different and easy to comprehend. It is for those who know basic English but are not confident of grammatical syntax. This book has some great techniques seldom found elsewhere.

Manoj Kumar

Chartered Accountant in Hyderabad, India
I read this book like a novel and at the same time learnt so many techniques about forming a sentence. Thanks to Mr. Desai for coming up with this beautiful book.

Supriya M

Osmania University
This book has taught me more than all other Books about English grammar so far. Worth the read if you’re serious.

John Doe

Ashok Korsa, English Teacher at VVISM

How to avoid mistakes easily

Confused and misused words

Do you make these mistakes?

Subhas Desai

Meet Your Host

Ex-Editor - Internet World | Communications Expert 
Ex-SAP | Ex- Satyam & Tech Mahindra 
Current - Founder & CEO, Markiverse Media Pvt. Ltd
Keynote speaker | Marketing mentor & growth catalyst 
Author – English for Indians

Subhas Desai is the Founder & CEO of Markiverse Media, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in India. Subhas is the chief architect of Markiverse’s full-spectrum branding, promotional and marketing services. Through Markiverse, Subhas helps companies transform and streamline their marketing strategies using agile marketing techniques, to solidify market positioning, expand digital footprint and generate qualified leads.

Subhas leads Markiverse in its collaborative efforts with reputed thought leaders and key media personalities, as well as Fortune 500 companies – specifically under the technology, education and healthcare ambits. 

Under his leadership, Markiverse has grown to include a broad range of clients, including NTT-Netmagic, Tata Communications Transformation Services, L&T Technology Services, ADP, Phoenix Business Consulting, Bahwan CyberTek, Tech Mahindra, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), some of India’s most-promising start-ups and potential unicorns.

Subhas has worked with global technology giants, like Alliance Global Services, Tech Mahindra and SAP India, as well as reputed brands like Sterling Hoffman. In his avatar at Tech Mahindra as Global Head of Capability Marketing, he was instrumental in launching 100+ industry solutions into the market.

Besides being a prominent guest speaker at international events and forums, Subhas is well-recognized as a marketing mentor and advisor. He works closely with leading companies on account-based marketing activities to drive engagement and market traction using customized lead magnets.
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